Club Rules

  1. When entering the club, footwear must be removed and left in the front hall shoe rack.
  2. Clean, non-marking indoor court shoes must be worn on court.
  3. Food or beverages may not be brought into the club without management approval.
  4. Food or beverages are not permitted in the playing area, with the exception of capped water bottles.
  5. All court rentals are for public use and not to be used for private lessons except by those appointed by the management of the club.
  6. Broken feathers must be placed in the white cups attached to the net posts.
  7. Members or guests may reserve courts as far in advance as they wish, for one or two hours.
  8. Only one court reservation at a time is permitted.
  9. Members or guests may phone the club (780-460-2441) to reserve a court or they can do it by email
  10. Guest fees are $25 per booking for families, $15 per booking for individual adults (born in 1999 or earlier) and $10 per booking for individual juniors (born in 2000 or later.) 5% GST is added.
  11. Guests who decide to become club members are advised that one guest fee paid in any month will be credited to membership fees, provided that they apply for membership on or before the last day of the same month.
  12. Persons involved in the sale of badminton equipment or a racket restringing service are ineligible for membership or guest privileges.