Badminton rackets


Red Willow Badminton Club Pro Shop carries Yonex, Victor and Black Knight models, all available at competitive prices.

Advantages of buying from the RWBC  Pro Shop:

  • Selected demo rackets are available for on-court “test drives”  
  • Free single string repairs, until strings are worn out at the center
  • Support your club and help keep RWBC membership dues at their current low level

 BUYER BEWARE! Many of the rackets advertised on the internet are illegal copies of name-brand models. We guarantee that all rackets sold by RWBC are genuine, and carry the manufacturer’s unconditional guarantee against defects. Our prices are competitive and we will match prices quoted by any other legitimate dealer.

Here is some advice about rackets: light weight is very important. Average weight of good rackets, including the string, is 90 to 95 grams. Also important is balance. A good racket for singles play is one that is light in the head and weighs as little as 75 grams Avoid a large grip and be sure the grip is covered with grip wrap. String tension is important.

Recommended for novice players:

Yonex Carbonex 8000 – Cost $60 plus GST
Black Knight Diamond 100 – Cost $40 plus GST
Victor Mirage 600 – Cost $50 plus GST

Racket restrings
We generally use YONEX BG 65 – .70 mm soft feeling multifilament white or yellow string and ASHAWAY ZY MAX 67 red string. YONEX BG80 is also available. Players may also supply their own string for a discounted price, although no guarantee is provided.

Grip wrap
We can grip wrap any racket in Yonex white GRAP for $3.50, or you can buy a package of 3 wraps in various colours for $10.00 and grip wrap it yourself.

Shuttles can be purchased from our pro shop individually or by the dozen.

Court shoes
Red Willow’s line of court shoes is the best available, and we stock the latest designs in equipment bags and other accessories. RWBC Pro Shop carries an excellent selection of court shoes made by YONEX & VICTOR